Palm Products "Arjun" program, Aswan

The project organized a training program of Developing of skills in the environmental raw materials of palm products "Arjun"

Location: Aswan governorate

 Date: 4/11/2017 to 26/11/2017:

Duration: 4 weeks.

Target group: 25 girls and women aged 20 to 40

Objectives: -

·         Regulation of the use of environment products and crafts based on them.

·         Adaptation of local environmental materials in small investments of small projects.

·         Protection of Palm-based crafts from extinction.

·         Raising awareness among local producers of the importance of palm, its resources and types of wicker, fiber, leaf and the characteristics of each craft and used tools.

·         Development of designs used in palm products to keep pace with modern life.

Program Content:-

·         Orientation about palm materials from greed and adaptation of its use.

·         Orientation about different types of species, methods of use and definition with their products.

·         Introduction to products and their functions based on palm materials in local communities.

·         Orientation and training on modern designs in production of palm tree products.

·         Introduction to Palm-based products and their uses.

·         Identification of tools used in industry.

·         Orientation about stages of processing products.

·         Definition and training on the use of palm materials in production of furniture.

·         Introduction to tools and types of materials used in the manufacture of furniture based on palm materials.

·         Introduction to Palm wicker materials and uses.

·         Orientation about different types of baskets and uses.

·         Training and orientation on dyeing of wicker with different colors.

·         Training and orientation on palm-processing stages as a final product.

·         Training on final product production.

·         Orientation about the types of products of a wicker product through the introduction of raw materials and tools used.

·         Introduction to types of wicker products and uses.

·         Training to inspire and implement modern designs in Palm works based on the old Egyptian heritage.


·         Orientation about palm materials and characteristics of each craft of a palm material.

·         Organize designs for geometric formations to create aesthetic units of the curved line – The broken line. – Triangle and Square – Intersections are repeated in parallel or crossing lines.

·         Inspiration for environmental entities and patterns.

• Benefiting from the nature of the materials of ALARJUN the most flexible handicrafts of the aesthetic formations, in addition to the possibility of their formation in the production and creation of diverse aesthetic styles and more spacious.

• Inspiration of the vocabulary of the ancient Egyptian heritage of animal and human decoration and simple geometric designs of harmonious colors in the production of aesthetic patterns of lions.

·         Inspired designs of decorative units on the basis of the technique of inevitable interference between the multicolored labyrinths of green, red, yellow and violet, and decorative patterns through the work of geometrical units such as triangles and squares, which are assigned in contiguous and contrasting color schemes and patterns that combine the three shapes or use some forms of plants or birds In a simplified geometric manner.

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