Egypt future foundation participated in cooperation with the General Authority for Culture Palaces in a marketing exhibition on World Heritage Day in Luxor in cooperation with Luxor Culture (April 2018)


1-Awareness of the message that the craftsman or the traditional manufacturer wishes to present from his work.
2. Opportunities to review the skills and creativity of traditional craftsmen and craftsmen.
3 - Enable artisans to gain experience and knowledge of consumer tendencies.
4. Preserving the national heritage and protecting its products.
5. Provide local producers with an opportunity to develop marketing.
6 - Stimulate traditional craftsmen and manufacturers to display products.
7 - Highlight the products of artisans and highlight their creativity.
8. Support the marketing process that can support or obstruct the progress of any project.
9. Develop marketing activities and create new activities that are in line with market requirements.
10. Improving the living conditions of traditional manufacturers.
11 - Attract new customers.
12. Creating opportunities for marketing and selling traditional products.
13. Raise promotional capabilities of products.
14 - To identify consumer trends to contribute to the improvement of quality and creativity.
15. Creating jobs and income-generating activities

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