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Exhibition "Between Innovation and Creativity", "Together for Creativity"

Date 12-13 April 2017.

The idea of holding the first "Mishkat" exhibition was established between originality and creativity considering the keenness of the Future Egypt Foundation to maximize the use of the ancient Egyptian heritage in the field of art and creative designs. As a national duty and a major rider in the Egyptian culture. More than 70 artists from the contemporary art movement participated in the exhibition with the contributions of the youth generation in all the different disciplines of arts, sculpture, ceramics, oil painting, photography, graphic, glass, jewelry, fashion.

Objectives & Outputs:

·         Awareness raising geometric artistic shapes such as triangles, circles and squares which used in some productions.

·         Awareness raising of decorative units from traditional folk art.

·         Awareness raising through defining the blending of plant and engineering decorative units for example

·         Awareness raising of some wooden shapes, wood interlock Arts, the vaccination of glass, and minerals artistic Products.

·         Dissemination of artistic culture, basics and modern ceramic techniques.

·         Awareness raising of Creating jobs that do not require significant capital to build the project with design visions to take advantage of the broken ceramics products in the field of ornaments.

Artwork Participation

In which all the different disciplines and technical schools of photography and applied:
Sculpture (wood carving - glass carving - ceramic carving - carving with wire - carved and embossed carving - bronze sculpture - polyester sculpture)
jewelry - glass jewelry)
Ceramics (ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles)
Fashion: For the first time in specialized art galleries, the fashion and fashion branch is merged into different display specialties.

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