Third International Conference in Alexandria on Creativity, Innovation and Development in Heritage, Architecture and Arts, Alexandria from 28 to 30 April 2018

The conference tackled key themes:

-Literary Heritage.

-Creative industries.

- Youth Creativity Exhibition at the Creativity Center in Alexandria.

The project held the third international conference on creativity, innovation and development in heritage, architecture and arts with the aim of establishing a future vision in the civilizations and cultures of the Arab and Mediterranean countries.

The project involved the Science and Technological Development Fund, the Italian Cultural Center, the Academy of Arts, 150 experts and a professor from Egyptian universities and centers.

The conference dealt with the creative industries - investment in Egyptian traditional handicrafts and export barriers, design of furniture between raw materials and sustainability and the development of small industries through the decorative training in ancient Egyptian art, raising the efficiency of small enterprises in the garment industry and developing a vision for women's clothing.

And the use of the art of Makramya in the design of women's clothing supplements and the design of gowns and supplements inspired by Sinaia clothing to contribute to the revival and the development of new designs on ceramic dishes and the development of an aesthetic vision of the topics of traditional industries in Libya and the use of art represented in the Egyptian people. The influence of ancient Egyptian cultural arts on the development of textile printing.

The conference discussed the support of small projects in Saudi Arabia and the cinemas in preserving the Egyptian folklore. And a contemporary vision of the decorations by taking advantage of the elements of folk art, the use of the marine environment in the designs of mikans using shells, and the development of planning skills to improve production in garment factories.And the role of culture and traditional folklore in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its role for social development.

The conference discussed the role of regional museums in reviving local heritage, achieving sustainable development in communities, and recording and documenting archaeological impact in museums between traditional methods and modern technological applications.

the conference discussed archiving the Egyptian theater heritage in the study of the art of preservation and conservation systems. The conference discussed the iconography of Christian pilgrimages in Egypt. The conference also discussed Cairo as an innovative city for UNESCO as a step towards the 2030 agenda and evaluation mechanisms in heritage cities. The conference discussed methods of utilizing the techniques of architectural elements of interior of Mamluk architecture in modern architecture and ways of benefiting from the adaptation of palaces and decorations in the heritage buildings in Alexandria. The conference dealt with cultural and social heritage and its impact on interior design and architecture in Egypt. And the marketing image of the historic city including Karbala. And the role of electronic documentation in preserving the architectural heritage in Saudi Arabia and ways to benefit from the architectural heritage in Siywa, and benefit from the Alexandrian heritage in the production of contemporary art for students of art and the role of environmental art in the development of urban space and the impact of modern environmental trends in the creation of sustainable internal architecture.

The conference discussed the development of the creative role of the Egyptian child in the field of heritage crafts by developing and activating the Queen of creativity and innovation in children. The conference discussed the development, importance and advantages of creativity and innovation in the fields of arts and crafts heritage and the role of advertising publications in activating Egyptian tourism and advancing the development and use of three-dimensional techniques to document and preserve heritage arts.

And the use of color repetition in the Islamic Rnuk decorations and the creation of designs to print upholstery fabrics. The conference discussed a strategy to preserve and develop traditional Egyptian handicrafts through studying challenges and alternatives. The conference discussed the use of elements of Arabic writing in enriching the design of contemporary textile pendants

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