Participation of Egypt future foundation in the Sixth International Conference of Folk Arts The intangible cultural heritage and education, Luxor 18-20/12/2017

Conference Themes:

·   Education and its role in safeguarding the cultural heritage of the people both materially and intangible.

·    Intangible Cultural Heritage Teaching, learning and communication.

·   To teach intangible cultural heritage and its role in supporting sustainable development and preserving identity.

·   Objectives of the Conference:

·   Education and its role in developing awareness of cultural heritage.

·   Education and its role in continuing to create, maintain and practice elements of intangible cultural heritage.

·   Mechanisms for integrating intangible cultural heritage into educational curricula.

·   Teaching intangible cultural heritage between theory and practice.

·   Education heritage in the face of the impact of globalization and armed conflicts and wars.

·   deterioration of the cultural environment and poor conservation and conservation possibilities.

·   Intangible cultural heritage between education and recreation and between production and consumption.

·   The wealth, symbolic meanings and artistic dimensions included in the intangible cultural heritage, their importance and the possibility of transforming them into material wealth.

·   The aesthetic and utilitarian values of non-material cultural heritage.

·   Transfer of experiences, knowledge and skills, the future and functions of intangible cultural heritage.

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