The second conference entitled "The role of culture, heritage, arts, creative and tourism industries in the sustainable development of societies in the Arab world" with the project of developing handicrafts in the national challenges program Scie

The conference was organized by the Future Egypt Foundation for Heritage, Development and Innovation with the Heritage Development Project of the National Challenges Program, Science and Technological Development Fund. From 7 to 12 December 2017.

Conference Themes:

• Applied Arts in Sustainable Development in the Arab World.

• Heritage and conservation and development policies in the Arab world.

• Cultural and creative industries in the Arab world.

• Traditional industries and development in the Arab world.

• Conservation and development of archaeological sites and heritage.

• Archeology, heritage and related art industries in the Arab world.

• The role of trade unions and associations in the fields of development in the Arab world.

• Culture and development in Arab societies.

• Arts and artistic movement in the Arab world.

• Small and micro enterprises

• Tourism development in the Arab world.

• International cooperation and its role in development.

On the sidelines of the conference:

Symposiums- Workshops- Art Exhibition- The International Forum of Arabic Heritage Crafts in Luxor- The International Forum of the African Heritage in Aswan- The International Forum of Jewelry

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