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A seminar about "Heritage concept", Luxor

Location: Egyptian Public Library

Date: 26/2/2018

Target group :children to 11 years old

Objectives & outputs:

The popular heritage is a great wealth of literature, values, customs, traditions, popular knowledge, material culture, and plastic and musical arts, in its simple sense, a summary of the legacy of the present generations. Heritage is the legacy of the ancestors to be a lesson from the past and an approach from which the children draw lessons to express them from the present to the future. The heritage of civilization is rooted in the tree. The more trees are sown, the stronger the tree is, and the more powerful it will be able to face the vicissitudes of time. In scientific terms, it is a stand-alone cultural science that concerns a specific sector of culture (traditional or popular culture) and sheds light on it from historical, geographical, social and psychological perspectives. Popular heritage People's customs, traditions and expressed opinions, thoughts and feelings passed on for generations.

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