Seminar about the preservation of Egyptian cultural heritage, Luxor

Location :Luxor culture palace, Luxor

Date: 20/12/2017

Target group:

Objectives & outputs:

The seminar aimed to preserve cultural heritage and deepen the concept of roots in the Egyptian villages based on traditional heritage and local industries. It also discusses the challenges facing handicraft activities, small local industries and obstacles which represent the biggest challenge in promoting the economic activity of small cultural, creative and local industries.

The seminar dealt with environmental raw materials and how to benefit from them in the development of local industries, the development and modernization of hand products, and how to set standards to control the quality of products and how to access technical and financial support for small industries. Data on small enterprises in the fields of local cultural, creative and small industries.

The seminar's activities include the development of designs, the development of traditional designs, the interest in developing, modernizing and renewing designs, the fair-trade methods to prevent monopolization of products. Of the families at low prices without a financial return or economic return on artisans.

The seminar's activities included means of developing research and studies of foreign markets for the development of Egyptian products, providing technical support and expertise to small enterprises in following scientific methods in the presence of products, sound management and good experience in marketing. And the preparation of basic elements sufficient infrastructure to support the development of traditional crafts and small industries and the reasons for the failure of cultural incubators in the field of heritage.

The workshop focused on the development of traditional crafts and small local industries in the villages of southern Egypt and the Red Sea in terms of quality of products and revive the scattered crafts to meet the needs of the international markets to be competitive and provide a wider field of marketing locally and internationally, and provide training to improve production and the introduction of new designs and production lines and rehabilitation of villages in southern Egypt to Production units by providing trainers and designers to support innovation, creativity and development of villages in Upper Egypt and the Red Sea in the light of production lines for modern products to suit the external and internal tastes depending on the Qatari heritage and local industries.

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