Prof. Karam Malak Kamel

The Biography
Karam Malak Kamel.
• Born in cairo in the year of 1965.
• Professor at the faculty of music.
• Education, Helwan University he has got a bachelor degree in Music Education -
Helwan University in 1988 with a very good grade with honours.
• He has got a Master degree in 1995.
• He has got a Ph.D in 2000.
• He has represented Egypt in the Nile international festival for children's song in 1998 & 1999, with ashow for Mentally handicapped, music and singing which he won the first place worldwide.
• He made a lot of concers for the mentally disabled in (Auc-Abdel Moneim el sawy sakia-Stadium covered hall-the theater for integrated care society-conferences hall-college of education Helwan University and Opera house).
• He represented Egypt in art festival in Turkey, in the year of 2000 (12-21 august), with playing music for childrens with mental problems.
• He represented the first ceramony on Al Sakia theater in july 2003.
• He present a musical pary (piano and cello) for mental problems in the seventh scientific conference (Trends musical ideas in the twentieth century) December 15,2003 in the faculty of music education, Helwan University.
• Create the first music team consist of 35 musicians from the mentally handicapped presented with them many ceramories such as ceraminy for first voluntary works, in opera house.
• Participated in the activities of the 37 international cairo exhibition for mintally handicapped, 2005 & 2006 & 2007.
• He has authored books for teaching how to play on piano (part 1,2&3).
• He has authored books with a title of will sing for minally handicapped (part 1&2).
• He has a lot of reserching about teaching special music for mentally handicapped, specially the cello, and he has modified the content of the bow and the instrument itself.
• He has many of innovations and methods in the field of music education for mentally handicapped.
• Presented many episodes in radio and television for special handicapped case, worldwide.
• They have published for him several news and articale in newspapers and magazines.
•His methods for teaching music to the hanicaps is the unique methods worldwide.
• اThe supervisors of intellectual education schools affiliated to integrated care in music education.
• Was honored from intgrated care with Suzan Mubarak shield in 2009, on the occasion of the success of the first concert singing.
• Lecturer in city center for training and studies in mentally handicapped.
• He holds a university incentive awards from Helwan University in the field of arts, 2008-2009.
• Participated in the arab media workshop held in parallel with the conference of the community has a duty towards the disaabled child, 2 feb / 2010 to 4 feb / 2010 .
• He presented a music (coral and playing) for mentally handicapped in the international conference (Music education .... vision for the future) from 9-11 of feb/2012 in the faculty of music education Helwan University.
• He presented a seminar and concert under entitled (the music and the handicapped) may 9/2010 in the conference hall in Supreme Council for Culture.

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