Workshops with Nubian House, Luxor


the workshop found thatThe handicrafts in the Nubian house faceing the following problems:

-Lack of markets because of the low number of tourist

-The high price of the raw material

-Lack of sufficient funds to buy the raw material.

-Seasonal craft as some of the products wicker may be exposed to damage

- needing for new looms helping in the production process

-The limited number of working girls in the craft that leads to the demise of the craft

--The lack of allowing training in contracting with the Social Fund and therefore the craft cannot continue and be trained to the other girls despite the strong demand for this product because of the distinctive designs that reflected the Nubian heritage, which has had an effective effect in increasing the demand for the product.

- The lack of demand for the product because of competition from Chinese product.

- Obsolescence of the electric wheel of pottery

- Low financial return of the craft, which led to the reluctance of girls to practice it.

- The remote distance to get the material from outside the province.


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