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Workshop with incubator technology, Luxor

Date: 7/2/2016

Objectives & Outputs:

Despite the objectives of establishing the technological incubator for heritage and for the care of heritage crafts and its craftsmen, it provided support, funding, provision of training services, provision of necessary precautions and provision of financial, administrative and marketing assistance. However, the technological incubator in Thebes failed due to a lot of Problems faced the technological incubator of heritage in Thebes:

• Lacking trained labor

• Government support has stopped

• There is no marketing mechanism

• No training supports

• Difficult to participate in internal and external exhibitions

• issuing commercial licenses and government restrictions on licenses

• Bureaucratic procedures for obtaining loans

• Difficulty getting a trademark

• The high cost of transporting raw materials

• Social Fund support ceases

• Lack of advertising resources

• The high cost of the transfer of exhibitions in Cairo

• Lack of coordination between incubators to share experiences

• The raw materials are expensive

The Problems solution:

• Develop training and training programs for human cadres to improve the employability of workers in the markets

• Aiding in terms of funding and technical support

• Providing a helping hand for marketing and exhibitions

• Development of small enterprises for their major role in development

• The need to expand the use of available domestic resources.

• Develop a unified policy and clear strategy for small projects.

• Enhancing confidence among small business owners and government agencies.

• Provide sufficient flexibility in lending to small enterprises

• Facilitate the issuance of licenses for small projects

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