The First International Conference of in the title "Development of Innovation and Creativity for Traditional Handicrafts, Heritage and Tourism", With the Heritage Craft Development Project of the National Challenges Program Science and Technolog

Held by "Focus Light on the roots of creativity in the Egyptian village depending on the traditional Hand craft and local industries Project" in co-ordination with Egypt Future Foundation, in cooperation with the Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University

Conference Vision:

The idea of holding the conference was among the organizers in terms of the national duty to maximize the use of the ancient Egyptian heritage in the field of art and creative designs and traditional industries to preserve the cultural heritage of future generations and promote the creative sectors through the establishment of creative complex and transform the governorates of Egypt into centers of creative design.

Providing a new vision and strategy for the support, financing and blocs required for the challenges facing the small and medium industries to develop traditional industries and open wider horizons domestically and internationally, focusing on quality and originality and inventing creative designs that suit the successive variables of consumer taste to keep abreast of the rapid developments in the world New markets.

Objectives of the Conference

To provide a new vision and strategy for the sustainable development of the sectors of traditional industries, heritage and tourism based on the development of inheritance to create opportunities to invest in promising and value-added areas that contribute to the development of the national economy and the provision of renewable employment opportunities. These sectors also play a role in the formulation of national plans to regulate their role in the achievement and development of sustainable development goals and programs by highlighting the tangible value of heritage and innovation in traditional industries.

Create innovative environmental mechanisms and enhance innovation and software packages for capacity development for small and micro enterprises aiming to develop and innovate new products that adhere to international standards of quality to enhance competitiveness and increase productivity by taking advantage of advanced marketing research to study potential foreign markets to open a new competitive market in other countries or through trade Electronic networks across the Internet.

The development of the sectors of traditional and heritage industries and tourism to produce innovative products of high quality, which contribute mainly to the development of the national economy and have a competitive ability in the world by linking local producers to universities and research centers and development centers to benefit from the results of research and projects to improve methods and methods of production and improve quality and marketing and development of training to raise Level of technical skills while providing an innovative environment and providing support, ICT and marketing.


Conference Themes:

• Innovation and creativity in traditional, heritage and tourism industries.

• Strategy for the promotion of small industries.

• Innovation in advertising and graphic design.

• Modern technology in marketing.

• Quality and global and local competitiveness standards.

• Development in traditional industries (hopes - challenges - opportunities).

• Heritage industries in architecture and conservation of architectural heritage.

• Preserve cultural heritage.

• Heritage crafts and tourism development.




Conclusion and recommendations

The Conference issued a series of recommendations, most notably:

1. Support and promote innovation and creativity of traditional industries, heritage and tourism national strategy and sustainable development.

2. Spreading cultural awareness through the means and importance of protecting Egyptian cultural and traditional heritage.

3. Advocating the modernization of the curricula of architectural studies to meet the challenges and international innovations in the field of architecture and emphasizing the direction of scientific research to study the precise impact of modern science in this field.

4. To strengthen the link between architectural bodies and students of architecture, with the need to communicate after graduation, and improve the clay material and consider the use in architectural construction to preserve the natural environment and civilization.

5. Activating the programs and efforts to revive our Egyptian cultural heritage with its values and traditions and preserve our identity and contacts.

6. Protect the products of cultural industries and their components from extinction, plagiarism or counterfeiting.

7. The need to rehabilitate the heritage areas as an open museum as an indication of the cultural diversity of the cities.

8. Awareness of the importance of e-commerce and its role in supporting the marketing of traditional and heritage crafts.

9. Developing the areas of the existence of traditional and cultural industries and considering them as places of particularity and should be protected from inappropriate technological interventions.

10.               Emphasize the need to attract young people and young people who drop out of education and homes and train them in cultural, environmental, simple and profitable industries. Attracting a new generation of traditional artists and craftsmen will be the goal of implementing the national program to revive the heritage in the appropriate governorates.

11.               Rising new generations of skilled workers in the field of handicrafts to fill the existing vacuum in this field.

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