A conference about Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development in Luxor 19/12/2016

Objectives of the Conference:

• Enhancing the economic empowerment of rural people
• Skills development in rural areas.
• Qualifying young entrepreneurs with administrative and technical expertise to avoid the risks they face when establishing and managing the project.
• Preparing and qualifying for self-employment.

• Promote employment opportunities.

• Develop a culture of self-employment.

• Know the basic information for any project and study market program and market study.

• Introducing the necessary equipment for the project.

• Introducing the methods and methods of manufacturing.

• Knowledge of the quality and nature of raw materials required for the success of the project.

• Improve knowledge of management and entrepreneurship

• Encourage different groups to start small projects

• Introducing the feasibility study for the project

• Introducing the study of the market technically and financially

• Marketing program training.

• Implementation of the feasibility study and training

• Develop skills and improve knowledge of management and entrepreneurship.
• Improve knowledge, skills development and capacity building in entrepreneurship projects.

• Qualifying the initiators with experience in establishing and establishing the project.

• Encourage and encourage NGOs and community groups to set up small businesses.

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