Traditional Crafts Play Heritage Forum in Cairo 6-12/2/2016

The project of developing traditional and traditional crafts and small and local industries in South Valley University in cooperation with the Child Center for Civilization and Creativity in cooperation with the House of the ancient architecture in the neighborhood of Sayeda Zeinab in Cairo and the Science and Technology Fund of the Academy of Scientific Research, the traditional crafts festival playing heritage tones at the center of the Child Center for Civilization and Creativity in a ste

The objectives of the festival

• The festival aims to preserve the traditional crafts and industries and transfer them to succeeding generations in an entertaining educational form
• Highlighting the most important risks and challenges that pose a threat to the survival of traditional crafts and industries, deterioration of their technical and technical level, and work in various ways to overcome them.
• Finding ways to revive and preserve this character as part of the Egyptian cultural heritage, which has a wealth of heritage and traditions that reflect the authenticity of social values.

To educate the new generations about their history and linking them with their ancient past by introducing them to the tools and machines used by Egyptians in their daily lives during previous historical periods. The festival will include a group of Egyptian artists of handicrafts and heritage.

The opening ceremony was attended by Sheikh Amer Al-Tuni and his Egyptian Moulouiya Group.

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