Seminar about marketing of handicrafts, Sohag

Location: Sohag

 Date: 3/3/2016:

Target group: youth ages 20 to 35


The small industries in the study area suffer from insufficient and efficient marketing services in the internal and external market, due to the competition faced by major industries in the public and private sectors, as well as by imported goods which are filled with markets and especially from China, The size of the small industries market, and the field study showed that 78.4% of the total of the same establishments of small industries in the province suffer from this problem as in the manufacture of workshops and the details of clothing and wood industries and food industries, and suffer small industries in the province of lack of awareness The lack of sufficient outlets for the distribution of production, from the small size of the internal market, either the external market is very limited due to lack of interest in the production of goods with international specifications and increase the cost and transport, and the absence of products for the final finishing good, with the lack of interest of commercial companies to market the products of small factories, And opening new markets for these industries abroad by expanding the scope of contracts to market these products

- Reducing the qualification of small projects to produce outputs that meet international standards and are suitable for export in foreign markets

- The obstacles and problems of marketing, which is the high costs of marketing and commissions intermediaries relative to the small funding capabilities of small and medium enterprises

- Small projects lack the appropriate human efficiency which is one of the most important elements of production

- Small projects lack proper management and lack of good experience in accounting and marketing

- Lack of a human base with a high degree of knowledge and compatibility with modern technology rapid growth of information technology

- Lack of human labor which is one of the most important elements of production faced by small enterprises

- The constant need for continuous development and training in small projects

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