Seminar about Difficulties and problems facing the handicraft, Sohag

Location: Sohag

Date: 2/3/2016

Target group: Youth aged 20 to 35

The seminar discussed the following points:

The study of the reasons for the decline of traditional crafts in the rural villages and the reasons that they no longer handicraft one of the daily needs and study of the reasons that the handicrafts have become a tourist industry only and the reasons for the low demand for handmade products and the reasons for the loss of the intervention of many craftsmen on their profession and the loss of many opportunities work in handicrafts, and Most of the craftsmen have become poor and have poor skills

- Lack of effective means for them to obtain financial, human, social and marketing support

- Bad handmade products for sale because of the lack of quality assurance and little skills of producers in the management process, production, trade, marketing, pricing and decision making

- The literal ignorance of intellectual property and its importance in protecting their creativity and developing their craft

- Absence of the role of the reluctance and departure of many craftsmen especially the generations of young craftsmen from the practice of crafts due to the many obstacles that are exposed to them

- Low level of finished product of the letter despite the huge development in raw materials tools

- Lack of desire of the craftsman or worker in the development or renewal or innovation in work because of frustration due to financial conditions

- Dumping the Egyptian markets with Chinese products, origin and Egyptian artistic and cultural content.

- Lack of interest in the practice of artisanal activity by many members of society especially youth, and the reluctance of many workers in the field of industries and traditional crafts and random migration of young people to other Arab and European countries to find ways of decent life and to search for a better standard of living because of poverty gun in the handicrafts sector

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