Workshop with the Nubian House, Luxor

Date: 28/1/2016

Objectives & outputs:

The challenges and problems have been transformed as follows:

1- The cost of the manual product of raw materials and high wages so that the selling price of the product is raised

2 - the lack of care for graduates after the end of the training period or handcrafted crafts complete, there is no specific help by the trainers in the work of their own projects

3 - Marketing of heritage product and craft products Nubian unite, depend on the outside culture and thus stagnant culture negatively impact on the sale of some products

4 - the absence of supporting the training in a continuous manner and therefore not create new cadres trained high training in traditional crafts Nubian Barriers And difficulties

5 - Lack of maintenance and the absence of replacement and renewal the instruments of the handicrafts since the establishment of the Center in 2005

6 - The area where the Nubian House suffering from White ants, which threatens the wooden machinery like looms.

The possibility of development

1 – Focusing on the training process, especially in terms of funding for training.

2 - Activating marketing process for the productions through the participation of in internal and external exhibitions.

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