Workshop with Social Affairs, Luxor

Date: 28/1/2016

Objectives& outputs:

1- Studying aspects of cooperation between social solidarity and heritage development project.

2 - Knowledge of associations working in the field of traditional and traditional crafts in Luxor.

3 - Identifying the problems faced by associations working in the field of small projects and heritage crafts.

4 - Support craftsmen associations working in the field of traditional and traditional crafts

5 - Assist craftsmen in the preparation of simplified feasibility studies for their projects.

6. Provide technical support to craftsmen during the implementation of their projects.

7- Helping artisans in marketing products through internal and external marketing.

8-Exchange of experiences and ideas in the field of training on traditional and traditional crafts and study the establishment of exhibitions to market production

9- Spreading the culture of manual labor to reduce unemployment through intensifying training courses for young people of both genders

10 - Studying challenges and problems faced by the Foundation such as the need for trainers or training materials or financial resources to expand the activities of the Foundation and develop logical solutions contribute to sustainable development.

11- Strengthening the institutional capacities of associations in safeguarding intangible cultural heritage.

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